1) Can I pay my Invoice online?

A: Yes, you can pay through your PayPal account at this link:


Please enter the amount shown on your invoice AND your Account Number into the "Special Instructions" field so we can identify the payment and credit your account appropriately.

2) Does my insurance cover my transportation needs?

A: Because insurance coverage varies so greatly depending on the company and the type of transport needed, eligibility would have to be determined on an individual basis. In general, ambulance services are covered if the transport is deemed medically necessary. Most insurance companies adhere to Medicare guidelines for medical necessity. In most cases, your doctor would determine whether your ambulance transportation wold be considered medically necessary. Some insurance companies also require authorization for services prior to the time of transport. If you need assistance in determining whether your insurance company will cover the transport, either contact them directly or call our office at: 610-783-1122 during regular business hours and we will be happy to assist you.

3) Why am I getting a bill for Wheelchair or Para-Transit transportation. Doesn't my insurance cover this?

A: Most insurance providers do NOT cover para-transit and wheelchair transportation. There are exceptions, and if you have Medical Assistance, you may qualify for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program. You can find out more information by either calling your insurance provider directly or clicking on this link: matp.pa.gov.

4) Is transportation available for obese and bariatric patients?

A: Yes. Clarion Medical deploys a specialized Bariatric unit with a hydraulic stretcher and equipment specific to these kind of transports.

5) What is the weight limit on your wheelchair lift and how wide is the lift?

A: The lifts on our para-transit vans are able to accommodate a combined weight of 750lbs and have a 31" width. We can alternatively provide a bariatric ambulance (see #3).

6) What if I do not have insurance coverage for medical transport?

A: Clarion Medical accepts credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, and online payments. We are also able to assist you with payment over the phone. Click here for additional help and information.

7) The facility I or a loved one was transported to has a contract with another ambulance service. Am I able to get the contract rate?

A: In order to accommodate the patients and facilities that choose Clarion for their transportation we will do our best to honor the contract rates that you are in place with other providers. For more help, please contact our billing department at: 484-775-0111.

8) The insurance company sent me a check for transportation services completed by Clarion Medical, what should I do?

A: If you receive a check from an insurance company that is meant to pay for a transport service you have received from Clarion Medical, LLC please follow the following steps:

1) Endorse the check

2) Make a copy of the "Explanation of Benefits" page to keep for yourself.

3) Mail the check and the original "Explanation of Benefits" page to: 

Billing Department
Clarion Medical, LLC
515 Shoemaker Road, Suite-D
King of Prussia, PA 19406

For more help, please contact our billing department at: 484-775-0111.

9) I have a paid membership with a local 911 agency, why am I receiving a bill from Clarion Medical, LLC?

A: Clarion Medical has no affiliation with 911 agencies and is therefore not part of their membership program. Most memberships cover emergent 911 transports, while non-emergent are mostly provided by independent private transportation companies . For more help, please contact our billing department at: 484-775-0111.

10) I am on a fixed income and cannot afford my entire bill from Clarion Medical. Would I be able to set up a plan with monthly installments?

A: We at Clarion Medical understand that some clients have to deal with financial hardships. To that end we will work with you on an individual basis to help and break the bills into more manageable payment plans. For more help, please contact our billing department at: 484-775-0111.

11) I have received a bill from Clarion Medical but I believe my insurance plan covers the provided services. What should I do and how do I provide Clarion Medical with my updated insurance information?

A: Please contact our billing department at: 484-775-0111.