Clarion delivers the consistent quality and dependability that hospitals demand

Hospitals and other large healthcare providers have enough to worry about each day. Dealing with unsatisfactory medical transportation doesn’t have to be one of them.

For more than a decade, Clarion has brought consistency and dependability to the industry. As a mid-size provider, we’re large enough to offer all needed services – Para-transit, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Life Support – but small enough to make quality control an everyday reality.

Hospitals choose Clarion for all these reasons:

  • Quick response — Many medical transport companies prioritize the patients from their largest clients, often leaving other customers to wait hours when there’s unexpected demand. Clarion treats new and old clients with equal priority, and further achieves prompt response times through the use of web-based dispatch software integrated with real-time vehicle tracking from TomTom WEBFLEET. 
  • No false promises — We never over-promise on pickup times, and if a scheduling conflict occurs, our staff personally communicates with all parties.
  • Competitive Pricing — No contract is needed to engage with Clarion Ambulance for transport services. Even better, we’ll match your currently contracted rates with other providers.
  • No runaround — Our customers can resolve any problem situation with one call to one number.
  • Special services — We can accommodate bariatric patients and we can provide long distance transports when needed.
  • Payment options — Clarion is in-network with most health insurance plans in Southeastern Pennsylvania. We accept all major forms of payment and offer the option to send an invoice later.
  • Courteous professionals — Testimonials from patients and healthcare providers verify that Clarion employees treat all our customers with the kindness and respect they deserve.

It all adds up to make Clarion the medical transportation company you can call for any patient or circumstance. For more information, call 610-783-1122. 

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