Clarion Ambulance is a leading medical transportation provider for a variety of non-emergency services

Answering all medical transportation needs, 10 years running

In 2005, the three founders of Clarion Medical Ambulance, led by president Stan Gitin, had a combined 30 years of experience in the emergency medical field. They knew the industry functioned on a day-to-day level — getting patients where they needed to go. But they also saw that the customers — health care providers and individuals — encountered many unnecessary difficulties and frustrations.

Clarion was founded that year with the mission to make medical transportation a good experience for customers. Over the past decade, the company’s leaders and employees have worked hard to make that vision a reality. By providing comprehensive services and focusing on customers, Clarion has become a top choice for medical transportation and non-emergency ambulance services in Chester, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties, and is fully certified for operation by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Public Utility Commission.

Clarion delivers on its founding mission each day by focusing on these key qualities:

Full-service provider

We provide all types and levels of medical transportation, from Para-transit to Basic Life Support (BLS) to Advanced Life Support (ALS), including bariatric and long-distance transports.

Cutting-edge fleet

We invest in the latest technologies and equipment, to ensure patients get industry-leading quality of care. We design our fleet's vehicles to handle all potential medical requirements.

Experienced caregivers

Our drivers are all nationally certified Emergency Medical Technicians with significant field experience. The EMTs are supported by managers and in-house staff who proactively resolve any problem that may arise.

Attentive service

We are courteous professionals who treat customers with respect, answer questions clearly, and offer one-on-one support to help customers deal with the challenges of insurance and scheduling.

The right price

No company can claim to offer the “lowest price” for medical transportation. There are too many variables. Instead, we work with each customer to find the right price: the service they need at a price they can afford.