Group transportation for wheelchair-bound individuals

Clarion’s Wheelchair Bus offers flexible seating arrangements, which makes it the perfect solution for occasions that require the transport of multiple handicapped individuals, with or without additional individuals in regular seating. The bus can satisfy various needs — for example, cost savings for long-term care facilities that need to transport multiple residents or travel with friends and family for wheelchair-bound individuals. 

Customers choose Clarion’s Wheelchair Bus transportation services for the following reasons:

  • High-occupancy seating — The bus can accommodate up to 14 seated individuals or five in wheelchairs. The seating can be customized to accommodate a mix of passenger types.

  • Flexible destinations — The Wheelchair Bus can transport groups to and from medical facilities or a social outing destination. While Clarion’s typical service area is Southeastern Pennsylvania, we do our best to accommodate requests for transportation outside the area.

  • Optional medical assistance — The bus can accommodate as many as eight ambulatory workers to provide medical or loading/unloading assistance.

  • Great for nursing homes — Elder care facilities can save money by using the Wheelchair Bus when they need to transport multiple individuals to the same location.

Please contact our office at 610-783-1122 with any questions regarding the Wheelchair Bus or to schedule a transport. 

Typical Vehicle Ford E-450,
Cutaway Bus
Max. Number of Wheelchair Positions 4
Max. Number of Additional Seats 10
Total Number of Passengers 12
Max. Width of Ramp 32 in.
Lift Capacity 750 lbs.

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